Recently, I’ve received a couple of calls from developers and brokers who were not happy with the design of some of the apartments they had on the market.  When I say not happy, I mean that they were not getting any interested buyers or offers.  

On one recent morning, I looked at a two bedroom apartment in a new development, where the designer had needlessly limited the dining space to a small corner.  The developer had provided a more expansive space for dining AND was marketing it as a dining space in the floor plan.  Any buyer walking into that unit would immediately be confused by the misuse of the space.

The idea of staging a property is to show a buyer how they could optimally and ideally use the space, while keeping in mind the lifestyle of the target buyer.  Some people might think that bad staging design is better than nothing at all, but I would disagree.  It’s better to do it right the first time, to capture the most momentum from the first showings, or in the worse case scenario, fix it and recapture the attention of potential buyers to increase interest and offers.

If you have a property for sale that isn’t getting the attention of buyers, consider whether you might need to tweak or scrap the existing design altogether.

Wishing you success,


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