Time is always short and we need results yesterday.  No matter the condition or type of house you’re selling, there are a few tried and true things that I always turn to when I need to give a property a new look.  Best of all, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

1. Give that outdated kitchen a face lift.

No, it doesn’t have to cost $25K, $15K, or even $10K.  One of my favorite and easiest ways to give an outdated kitchen a whole new look, is to swap out the dated cabinet doors and drawers for new doors.  Cabinet doors and drawers can be purchased inexpensively in many different styles and finishes.


Finished Kitchen


2.  Just because it’s always been there, doesn’t mean it should be. 

Changing the existing layout of a house, can make the most dramatic difference to the look and feel of a house.  Best of all, it will cost you nothing!  I once had a seller tell me that he had no idea that he had room for a desk and wished he’d met me before.  Often times, the way we live is not the best way to showcase a house. 

3. Lights, Camera, Action!

By far, one of my favorite secret weapons for changing the look and feel of a house is lighting.  The wrong lighting, and a property can feel dated, small, cold, or maybe even a little scary.  I recently completed updating an apartment where at first glance it looked like I would have to replace the foyer light fixture.  The foyer was very dark even after the light was turned on.  As it turned out, the fixture was missing three light bulbs, which made all the difference in the end.

The next time you’re selling a house or meeting with a seller, share these easy tools for a quick face lift and watch the offers roll in.