Realistically, we all know that home buyers are usually quite picky about the house they buy.  And the truth is; they have every right to be.  Buying a house is typically one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime, and so it is understandable that a buyer might be choosey.

Now if we all understand this, then why is it that many sellers do absolutely nothing to prepare their property to win over buyers?  The answer is quite simple.  In most cases they expect the buyer to envision the potential and see all of the wonderful benefits that the owner sees.

Hoping that a buyer will see the potential of a property that is vacant, cluttered, in need of repairs, or otherwise very taste specifically decorated, is a losing battle.  The reality is that statistics show that only 10% of people have the ability to envision the possibilities. 

That means for every 10 people that walk in the door, 9 of them will walk out not fully appreciating and knowing how they could live in the space.  This unfortunately translates into longer days on the market, price reductions, increased carrying costs, and less money for the owner and the selling agent.

I think it’s time more sellers know about the 10% rule.

Wishing you success,


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