• Selling A Vacant House Could Leave Buyers Feeling Empty

    ??????????I see it all the time.  A seller decides to move while their house is on the market and takes all of their furniture with them.  They see no problem with leaving the house empty.  In fact, they believe that it may even help the house sell faster.

    Outside of the seller being some kind of extreme hoarder, or having very eclectic taste (think unusual color obsessions, taxidermy, etc.), nothing could be further from the truth.

    Here’s why:

    1) It may seem counter-intuitive, but believe it or not, an empty house will look smaller to potential buyers.  Remember, you are selling space.  The less a buyer sees, the less they want to pay for it.  With nothing in the house to give it a sense of dimension, buyers will have a difficult time seeing the full possibility of the space.  Read more