As you prepare to get your house in order for a sale it is important to make sure that it shows its best.  Maybe you haven’t done a remodel in a couple of decades (check out the video on our home page), but you want top dollar.

Here are my top recommended quick updates to get buyers to make top dollar offers.

1) If your bathroom looks like this one, consider re-glazing the tile in a neutral color (have your contractor scrape the grout and re-grout after glazing).  Another option is to add wainscotting over the tile as shown in the picture below.

2) An outdated kitchen can be easily updated with a few changes:  a) update kitchen knobs  b) replace an old formica countertop with at least a pre-cut laminate countertop in a stone pattern or tile the countertop with bright white tiles c) purchase replacement knobs and drip pans for old appliances

3) Update outdated fixtures – lights, bath, and kitchen

4) Replace old outlet covers with new covers which can cost as little as 25 cents a piece

5) If you haven’t painted your house in the last 10 years, it’s time for a fresh coat.  If you have any rooms in colors that are not earth tones, you’re throwing money away if you don’t change it.  Most people don’t like to paint, and if you feel that way, so will a potential buyer.


Hope you found these home selling update tips helpful.

Happy Home Selling!