Client Testimonials

“Staging is my most valuable selling tool and I can always depend upon Jewell”

Jewell is a treasure…her staging skills are transformative!

She is a consummate pro with an incredible talent for maximizing layouts and highlighting a property’s best selling features with her use of furnishings and color palettes.

Jewell is passionate about her work and  meticulously handles every detail from start to finish.

Staging is my most valuable selling tool and I can always depend upon Jewell to do a superb job in transforming my listings to polished showcases that sell in record time at asking price or above!

Thanks Jewell!

Susan Sears

Douglas Elliman

“Her magic helped me make lightning strike for my clients, bringing them two offers shortly after Jewell’s stupendous make-over.”

My clients home was ho-hum. The address was terrific, the price and marketing were spot-on, but the interior was stuck in a blah era that had a dated, tired feel. The property languished on the market and grew stale. Jewell saved the day – transforming the residence, making it a sparkling, hard-to-resist showplace. Her magic helped me make lightning strike for my clients, bringing them two offers shortly after Jewell’s stupendous make-over. My clients are thrilled, and so am I.

Thanks, Jewell!

Brian K. Lewis


You completely knocked the ball out of the park!  It was the best money I ever spent.

I now consider you a friend and would be happy to endorse you to anyone who asks.  You delivered on everything you promised.  Just amazing!  I can’t thank you enough!

Chuck Knoblauch

Former New York Yankee 4 Time World Series Champion and All-Star

“At the 1st open house a buyer literally sat down at the staged dining room table and prepared an offer to purchase at the full-asking price, on the spot!”

You were selected in a field of six stagers we met with. You were not the least expensive but you were affordable and you seemed to grasp the goals of the homeowner.  Also your ideas about the shower doors and countertop resonated well with the owners and at the same time, you took the burden of doing it off of them.  Brilliant.  FYI, you were the only one of the six, who named the shower doors as a marketing challenge and I recognized immediately, that you have a quick eye for what sells and what doesn’t. Really glad they chose you.  At the 1st open house a buyer literally sat down at the staged dining room table and prepared an offer to purchase at the full-asking price, on the spot.  They closed 3 months later and are very happy in their new home.

“Property received multiple offers the first week on the market; sold for full-price cash”

Marjorie Dybec

Douglas Elliman

Jewell IS A GEM!

Whatever she takes on—renovation or staging—she is always there for her client. Even after we signed a sales exclusive, Jewell was by our side willing to help us in any way she could to sell the apartment.

With Jewell you are in the hands of a consummate professional who has a fine sense of design as well as excellent follow through.

“Property received multiple offers over three weeks; sold for full-price cash before Christmas”

Rose Ann Nielsen

The Corcoran Group

“We have received several offers above our asking price within one week”

Jewell did a great job! We moved the day before Christmas and wanted to have our apartment ready for market in the new year. She and her contractors worked between the Christmas and New Year’s holiday to ensure that our apartment was fixed-up, freshly painted, and all windows and floors professionally cleaned. In addition, the staging made the apartment appear twice the size! We have received several offers above our asking price within one week of the first open house. I interviewed several staggers, because I had a lot of anxiety about spending money to stage an apartment. Jewell reassured me that she would take care of everything and help us maximize our property’s value. Her goal is to get you the highest price possible with the least expense. Having gone through this experience, I will ALWAYS stage my apartment in the future. I highly recommend Grande Properties LLC!

Madeleine Rumely

Madeleine Rumely

I stopped by to photograph and the apartment looked awesome!!  And while I was there, the client and her husband showed up to do some cleaning and I witnessed their reaction to the newly staged apartment first-hand and they REALLY loved it.  Great job and thanks a million.

The client also made mention of how easy it was to work with you, so thank you for making me look good.

Kelly Cole

The Corcoran Group

“My clients never have to lift a finger”

There is no one better than Jewell. Every property she has repaired and/or staged for my clients has sold in record time at a price better than expected. She is professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. My clients never have to lift a finger except to sign her contract; she does it all, working closely with building managers, superintendents and doormen to get the job done. My clients just love her, and so do I.

Dan Critchett


Jewell was fantastic in creating a new look to an estate sale apartment.

She was dedicated and worked against the clock to complete the task in time for our “reveal” for a backlog of waiting clients… We had several offers within the week and proceeded to contract.

Her magic is a wonderful resource for the seller and for the broker representing the sellers.

Brenda Solomon

Fox Residential Group

The bottom line is that in a tough market, I was able to get my asking price, in part by positioning the condo as an elegant residence worth a premium price.

“I’m quite certain that Jewell’s work staging my apartment increased its sales price.  Agents and buyers alike repeatedly commented that the decor and staging were outstanding.  The condominium also photographed beautifully.  The bottom line is that in a tough market, I was able to get my asking price, in part by positioning the condo as an elegant residence worth a premium price.  Were it not for the staging, it would not have been possible to assert this so effectively.

Ed Sussman

CEO , Buzzr.com

“Jewell handled everything from top to bottom.  I worried about nothing.”

Fantastic experience all around.  We had moved out of state and the apartment we were selling was in a co-op with strict rules regarding apartment alterations and moving furniture.  Jewell handled everything from top to bottom.  I worried about nothing.  Beautiful taste, excellent use of limited space, styles that both photographed well and worked in person.  Totally professional.  I’m the guy who hates working with anyone.  This was a great experience.

Dan S.

 I met Ms. Jewell Staley in November 2013 on the recommendation of my broker, in connection with the sale of my one-bedroom coop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  The apartment, which had not been renovated since construction in the 1970s, was clean and freshly painted but had numerous cosmetic blemishes and did not show particularly well.  I was bringing it to the market at a time there were several one-bedroom apartments for sale in the same building, in direct competition with mine.  The broker felt that Ms. Staley would be able to significantly enhance the appeal of the apartment for a modest outlay, making it likely that the apartment would sell quickly at a higher asking price.

After interviewing Ms. Staley and discussing together both my needs and her ideas, she offered a comprehensive package of services that included not only the staging of the apartment with some rented furniture and accessories, but also a number of cosmetic fixes including the replacement of exceedingly dated plantation-style doors, new ceiling lamps, a new vanity cabinet in the bathroom and numerous other details.  She offered to take care of the hiring and supervision of the contractors, which was something of critical importance to me since I had already moved overseas, had no contacts in the trades involved and would not be able to be present and direct the work.

Furthermore, she offered to take care of all the formalities vis-a vis the building’s management, such as the submission of certificates of insurance, the booking of elevators, etc.  Finally she offered to take care of the disposal of the furniture that I was not interested in shipping to my new location overseas, enabling me to deliver the apartment “empty and broom-clean” by closing date, without further intervention of my part.  This comprehensive package of “turn-key” services was truly ideal for somebody in my situation.

I am pleased to say that Ms. Staley’s work was outstanding in all respects. With regard to the staging itself, I was totally delighted when I saw the promotional video of the apartment prepared by the broker after Ms. Staley had staged it.  My immediate reaction was to think – pity I didn’t use her services when I moved in, I would have liked to live in that great apartment!  That feeling was fully confirmed when I subsequently visited the apartment in person.

In spite of the small complexities that are bound to arise in work of this nature – of which I was left in blissful ignorance – Ms. Staley delivered the staged and refurbished apartment well ahead of the expected date of completion.  In the weeks that followed the first open houses several offers nearly at or above asking price were received.  The apartment went into contract very quickly, as the broker had predicted. The primary objective of hiring Ms. Staley’s services – a quick and financially satisfactory sale – was thus fully met.

More importantly perhaps, I would like to emphasize that not only was the objective fully met, but the way Ms. Staley carried out her work at the various stages was a total delight.  She was creative in her suggestions, resourceful, skilled at negotiating with the building’s management, communicated well with me by e-mail and telephone, responded quickly, was well organized and punctual and was obviously well supported by the tradespeople with whom she works.

In fact, she stands out as one of the most accomplished professionals that I encountered in my many years in New York.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to hire her and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her services to any prospective property seller.  It is most likely not only to more than pay for itself but also to leave you with excellent memories of your property sale!

Armindo Miranda

Oieras, Portugal

Last year, my fiancé, daughter and I relocated to Washington State, eager to finally start planning our wedding and to buy a house in Seattle.  We decided to list our condo in New York for sale in January and since this was a place we lived together and called home for five years, we thought we would have no trouble selling it at all.  After painting a couple of walls and replacing the carpet, we listed the apartment and four months went by with not one offer.

At this point, I was willing to do whatever it took to get the condo sold.  I started to realize that in order for the listing to get attention it really needed to be updated and to stand out from all the other online listings.  Multiple price reductions were just not effective.  Also, since the apartment was completely empty, it was very hard for potential buyers to envision it as the cozy refuge we once knew it to be.  First, I had to convince my fiancé that staging the apartment would be much more worthwhile than letting it sit on the market and continuing to pay the mortgage, taxes, and maintenance on it every month.

I decided to go with my gut and started looking for a contractor and an apartment stager.  That’s when my stress level really took off.  In New York, it is extremely difficult to find contractors that communicate well and are straightforward about the work that needs to be done and itemizing their proposals.  I just didn’t know where to begin.  I tried asking friends and family for recommendations, but all they had were horror stories about how contractors they worked with were criminals.

Luckily, during my search for a home stager, I was referred to Jewell Staley of Grande Properties, ironically, by another home stager.  What made her company stand out from the rest was that she had the experience and expertise to determine exactly what repairs and renovations would be necessary to move the property.  Also, Jewell has reliable contractors she works with for each project, so I would not have to waste any more time searching for one.  They would be working collaboratively, and I knew that this would yield the best possible results.

As soon as I told Jewell my situation, she put my mind at ease.  She was the only true professional I had thus far interacted with during my home sale experience.  Jewell proposed a budget for me that was exactly what I was looking to spend.  She and her contractor not only worked to get the best results possible with the amount that I paid her, but went above and beyond to truly make my apartment shine.  Jewell treated my property as though it were her own, and I could not have done a better job myself of addressing the fine details that would determine the difference between the apartment selling immediately and the apartment sitting for another year or more.  She even helped me arrange for the apartment to be cleaned and for a professional photographer to take photos for the listing.

When the project was completed, to say that I was blown away is an understatement.  The apartment was utterly transformed from a cold, empty, and outdated space to a beautiful, warm, and inviting home. Two days after relisting, we received an offer just 1% below asking price. In the week that followed, we received two more offers and our realtor cannot keep up with the number of calls he is receiving. I never imagined that, only one week after Jewell finished working her magic on my apartment, we are finding ourselves in the home stretch of this home sale. Thanks to Jewell, selling our New York apartment, making plans for our wedding, and finding a home in Seattle are finally materializing into a reality.

Laura Kelly

Seattle, Washington

We were in a time crunch to sell our apartment after finding out we were leaving the country for new jobs, and engaged with Jewell right before the holidays.  Jewell was also knowledgeable and confident about what we could keep, what we should move, what needed to be changed, and other simple adjustments that could be made to our layout and design at minimal cost to make the apartment look bigger and improve the flow.

We met with her once, went through our apartment and discussed all the modest changes and adjustments we needed to make in order to stage our home for listing.

She worked within our schedule, including over the Christmas holiday, while we were away on vacation. She and her team put in all the changes we discussed before we got home from vacation and we walked into an immaculately staged home ready for our open house 2 days later.  The home ultimately sold in 3 days well above asking with feedback from the first people to walk into the apartment that “it actually looks like it does in the pictures!” I cannot imagine we would have had such a successful sale in such a short turnaround without Jewell’s help.

Our only regret is that we did not engage Jewell several years earlier, and thus have the opportunity to live in our home with all the nuisances fixed at a reasonable price and the living space more usable than we had previously envisioned (ie. we did not realize we could comfortably fit a desk and a dining table in our living room). Her work and team was reliable, on time, and most importantly on budget.

I would be very happy to personally vouch for Jewell and her work in the future.

Liam Morton

New York, New York

When my mom passed away, I was left to handle her estate and get her apartment sold.  It was a two bedroom apartment in a prestigious building, but the apartment had not been updated in decades.  Before my accountant introduced me to Jewell, I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how I was ever going to get my mom’s house ready for sale, all while grieving, going to work, and taking care of my children.  The house sat for months with no activity.

Hiring Jewell was absolutely the best decision I ever made.  She quickly put my mind at ease with her professionalism and calm demeanor and literally took care of everything from the time I handed over the keys.  She cleared out the apartment, handled all the donations, met with the contractors, coordinated with the management company, designed and managed the renovation, made all the purchases, and staged it beautifully.  I even made a couple thousand dollars from the auction proceeds of some of my mom’s art and collectibles that I had assumed was worthless.  It was also nice to be able to go on vacation while all of the work was being done.  I didn’t have to lift a finger, and when it was all done, I was able to sell the apartment for almost full price, after receiving multiple offers over just a few weeks.

If you’re a busy person like I am, and you don’t have the time or the desire to manage a renovation or design, then you must hire Jewell.  I trust her completely and highly recommend her to friends whenever I can.

Lesley Kepler

New York, New York

“I now know why her name is Jewell. She certainly is one.  When I was about to put my apartment on the market, a few of the brokers made some suggestions to help sell it faster.  Lighter color paint, more light, brighter colors, and being in the home furnishings business and using a top London and NYC decorator, I was against the idea.  I said anyone spending that amount of money surely can visualize how it should be, and the location, Greenwich Village, a landmark building.  I thought just a matter of time before it would sell. Boy was I wrong.  I say a couple of months and numerous open houses, nothing and I mean nothing, no offer, not even a second look.

Kenny Blumstein, my broker, called me and said it needs some changes. I was still holding out. He said he would pay the consultation fee to Jewell, (that’s how he felt about her).  I said I would pay it back if it sold as a result. I then met with Jewell. She knowing my situation, (home furnishing business, top decorator), she was very diplomatic, (cool as the other side of the pillow), I agreed to the changes.  I was away when the changes were made. I walked in and said wow!  I was very impressed. It looked incredible! I even asked the decorator to see it, and he loved the changes.

Make a long story short, the first person who saw it after the changes, made an offer and it sold shortly after that.  Jewell is worth the money and more!  I highly recommend Jewell if you want your place to sell fast.”

Phil Sadick

New York, New York

As expected Jewell was the consummate professional, delivering her staging services within budget and on time. What I didn’t fully expect was the way Jewell truly transformed my apartment into a home, into something that spoke immediately to you when you walked in.

My listing broker, who had viewed my apartment before and throughout the rehab phase, insisted that we raise the listing price by $50k solely based on the staging.  That was a hefty return on my $10k staging cost.  Ultimately, the apartment sold $40k over list, and I can’t thank Jewell enough for her staging work which made selling my apartment easy and painless.

James Dooley

New York, New York

You were great.  Before we had you stage our apartment, our expected selling price was under $800,000.  You made an excellent proposal and were the most affordable of the stagers.  You delivered and arranged your furniture on time and within budget.  The apartment looked lovely, and at our first open house we received an offer at our asking price, which was well above $800,000.  And it was a pleasure to work with you!

Martin Kohli

New York, New York

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