real estate agent discussing home staging

Most sellers want to sell for top dollar and as quickly as possible.  Top real estate agents understand that in order for them to get a house sold in the shortest amount of time and for the most amount of money, the house has to show at its best.  Their tool of choice, is Home Staging.

Some real estate agents will refuse to list a house if the seller won’t agree to stage it first.  It can be a waste of your marketing dollars and time to show a house that you know buyers will not respond to.  

So how do you talk to sellers who need staging?  Here is my advice:

1) Let them know that you’re on their side and that you have every incentive to help them achieve a profitable, faster sale.  Give them examples of when staging a property helped you or a colleague get a property sold.

2) You don’t have to tell them what specifically is wrong with their property, but rather point out that without staging, buyers will have a hard time seeing past the owner’s personal taste, or worse, an empty house.  Statistics are on your side here.  Only 10% of potential buyers have the ability to visualize a property’s potential.  That means 9 out of 10 people who walk through the door will NOT be able to see what most sellers hope they will see.

3) Speak in terms of return on investment (ROI).  Let them know what you would list the property for without staging and what you would list it for post-staging.  You can use your comps to back you up here.   

The key here is to focus on the many benefits of staging and why it’s your duty as a trusted real estate agent to make every resource available to your client to get them a successful sale.

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