Staged Outdoor SpaceOften times when you see a house for sale, the tendency is to focus on the inside.  If you live in the suburbs, the outdoor space can be a huge part of whether buyers will even want to see the inside.  In New York City, if you have an outdoor space, it is definitely a highly valued asset not to be overlooked…no matter how small or large it might be.

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall season, you can’t afford to overlook the outdoor space.

There are a few key things I like to keep in mind when I redesign a terrace or a backyard, regardless if I’m starting from scratch or adding to existing furnishings.

1) Clean up and throw away dead plants, leaves, rusted pots, and anything else that’s been laying around for far too long.  It is not uncommon for homeowners to use their outdoor space as storage for all kinds of things that either don’t belong outside or are clearly past their time.  Leaving these things around will give buyers the impression that the sellers don’t care about upkeep and have them wondering about what else has been overlooked.

2) Add color and texture with accessories, starting with pillows, to make the space instantly more inviting.  A plain table and chairs won’t do much to make buyers feel like they should linger.  Try pillows in geometric patterns for more visual appeal and colors such as orange, blue, green, yellow for contrast.

3) Don’t forget about accent lighting.  I love to add light to an outdoor space!  It makes such a difference in the feeling a buyer gets when they step outside.  Lighting could be as simple as a hurricane lamp on a table or adding outdoor wall sconces for more general lighting.  A little light goes a long way to giving buyers a warm and inviting feeling, where they begin to envision themselves enjoying that space with their friends and family. 

Putting these few suggestions to work can very well be the difference between your property being the one they decide to buy or pass on.