This morning I had coffee with a fellow entrepreneur and we started talking about what we do for our clients.  As the conversation went on I explained that it can be challenging to tell someone I’m meeting for the first time what I do for my clients in just a few words.  Then it hit me…..“Home Seller Concierge”!

We both agreed that “Home Seller Concierge” was the perfect phrase to give them just the right hint of what I do, but encouraging no assumptions.

So, what is a “Home Seller Concierge”?  A “Home Seller Concierge” makes it easy for a seller to get their home in show ready condition BEFORE (hopefully) they open the door to prospective buyers.  It allows the client to spend their time doing what is important to them – going to work, vacationing, spending time with family, etc.  The list of services can include:

  • Introductions to art buyers/auction houses – valuable in estate sales
  • Dedicated Project Manager to oversee necessary repairs and renovations
  • Full Home Staging for vacant properties
  • Access to personal rolodex of Real Estate and other professionals

I can’t wait to try out the new “Home Seller Concierge” concept at the next networking event!

All the best,

Jewell S.