visionChoosing the best design style before putting a property on the market is important to attracting your target buyer.  Sometimes you walk into a property and the owner’s style is completely inline with what the market is looking for.  However, often times this is not the case or the apartment is completely empty, leaving it void of any style at all.

When deciding on the best design style for a sale, the only style that matters is the one that will appeal to the largest market of potential buyers for the property.  What that means is the buyer’s style rules. 

I remember being called in to look at a penthouse in Soho, that was furnished like it belonged in a pre-war on Park Avenue.  Not ugly, just not Soho.  The owners loved their furniture, some of it loved till it was falling apart, but it was turning off buyers.  I was called in to create a more modern design, and a house that was sitting for almost a year, sold in just a few weeks.

I recommend asking yourself these questions the next time you meet with a seller:

– What are the likely demographics of the buyer?

– Is this a luxury sale, and if so, does the current style/condition communicate that?

– Does the current design fit the property’s location, style of home, etc.? 

When I’m preparing to stage, these are some of the questions that I will ask you before I come up with the design plan.  It’s never about my personal style or the seller’s.  My goal is to wow the buyer and have them easily imagine themselves living in the property.  A wowed buyer, leads to a faster sale.      

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