• Selling A Vacant House Could Leave Buyers Feeling Empty

    ??????????I see it all the time.  A seller decides to move while their house is on the market and takes all of their furniture with them.  They see no problem with leaving the house empty.  In fact, they believe that it may even help the house sell faster.

    Outside of the seller being some kind of extreme hoarder, or having very eclectic taste (think unusual color obsessions, taxidermy, etc.), nothing could be further from the truth.

    Here’s why:

    1) It may seem counter-intuitive, but believe it or not, an empty house will look smaller to potential buyers.  Remember, you are selling space.  The less a buyer sees, the less they want to pay for it.  With nothing in the house to give it a sense of dimension, buyers will have a difficult time seeing the full possibility of the space.  Read more

  • 3 Proven Ways To Brighten Up A Gloomy Property

    Greenwich Village Livingroom Dining Room
    Dark Living/Dining Room Before Updates and Staging

    When you’re trying to sell a property that feels dark and gloomy, it can seem almost impossible to attract buyers.  No buyers, means no offers.  Fortunately, there are some easy things you can change to brighten things up and make a more welcoming atmosphere for buyers.

    Here are 3 of my favorite, proven ways to turn dark and gloomy into bright and cheery:

    1. Swap out dark furnishings for lighter color options.  Dark furniture will soak up the light and provide less visual space to potential buyers.  The less space your buyer perceives, the less money they will offer.
    2. Make sure each room is adequately lit for its size and location in the house.  Simply relying on wall sconces, or small recessed lights is a mistake.  Good lighting should be well placed throughout a space to create a more balanced feeling.  Lastly, whenever possible use the brightest bulbs available.

      Greenwich Village Livingroom Dining Room
      Brighter, More Inviting Livingroom /Dining Room
    3. Forget about your stylish navy, purple, red, or even brown walls.  While these colors might work well for your personal style, they also soak up a lot of light, and can give a room the appearance of being smaller and darker than it actually is.  Now you don’t have to settle for a stark builder’s white.  Gray has actually become the new white.  You can even try softer shades of white as an alternative. Read more about painting for sale in my post:  When Painting With Color Is Good For Selling A Staged Home

    Try these proven tips the next time you have a property that isn’t showing well and you’ll be amazed at the results.  Read about the results many of my clients have experienced on my Praises page.

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  • How The Investment In Home Staging Can Increase Your ROI

    Most homeowners who are selling and real estate brokers I speak to are interested in getting the highest price tag possible when putting a property up for sale.  Inevitably, when the conversation turns to staging, the question is asked, “how much will this cost”?  As someone who holds a Wharton M.B.A., and is a Goldman Sachs alum, I can go really deep about the difference between a cost and an investment, but I’m going to keep it simple.

    Home Staging is an investment.  Done well, and with all else being equal, it can increase a seller’s return on investment many times over.  To make it clear, here’s what’s included in the investment in home staging:Read more