LR Before

The Living Room Before Staging/Seller’s Move

It was shortly before the holiday season began, when my client packed up her gracious Central Park West apartment and moved to the West Coast.  After months of waiting for a buyer, and several hundred thousand dollars in price reductions, she was now ready to give home staging a try.  Of course, it also took some convincing from her savvy real estate agent who told her that leaving the house empty was just not an option if she was ever going to seal the deal with a buyer.

So here’s what happened….

1) The seller had the apartment listed previously for over $3 million, a bit of a stretch, which is why she later reduced the price (prior to staging)

2) She moved out on a Tuesday to head to the West Coast and staging began immediately after

CPW LR After

A Brighter, More Spacious Living Room After Home Staging

3) Right after staging was complete, the seller received two offers and a bidding war ensued

4) My now happy client didn’t have time to unpack any of her boxes in her new home, because she was now spending her time focusing on which buyer to choose from for her old New York apartment

5) The apartment is in contract, on the way to closing, and the seller is ecstatic!

P.S.  I also arranged to remove the few pieces of remaining furniture she left behind for staging, but didn’t want to take to the West Coast.  An easy, completely hands-off experience for my client, who is now able to enjoy her new home.
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