holiday tableDuring the winter holiday season, the stores are overflowing with all kinds of holiday decorations.  When I’m designing a home for sale, I like to add a little taste of the holidays, while keeping in mind that everyone celebrates differently.  Adding some subtle holiday accents will make a property feel more warm and inviting to potential buyers.

Here are a few ways I like to add the holiday spirit:

1)  Bring in accent colors that coordinate with your furnishings and wall color.  I like to add deep reds, gold, and even some silver in everything from pillows to candles.

2) Don’t forget the smells of the holiday season.  For me, nothing says it’s holiday time like the scent of cinnamon, or apples.  You could even create the scent of pine with candles, potpourri, or branches from your local florist.

3) Welcome buyers in with some holiday music!  I actually did this all throughout the year whenever it was time to sell one of my flips.  I would tuck away a CD player near the entryway and play soft classical music.  Buyers really liked it and felt like they were getting something special.  It’s so much easier to do now, with your own mix on an Ipod or Pandora, so why not try it at your next open house.

Try any of these ideas for your upcoming listings and watch buyers fall in love with your property.