It’s no secret that in many parts of the country, homeowners are still finding it very difficult to sell their homes.  In the good old days, it seemed that you only needed four walls to get a house sold.  Now you have to actually make an effort to impress home buyers.

Some homeowners mistakenly think that selling their house vacant will make it more attractive to buyers. 

Below are my top 5 reasons why this couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

1) A vacant house will appear smaller to the home buyer when there is no furniture or accessories to visually ground the space

2) An empty house does not create the warm, welcoming environment that invites buyers to linger and notice all of your home’s wonderful features

3) The buyer may assume that because the house is empty, you have two mortgages, and are a desperate seller.  This usually results in the insulting low ball offer.

4) Only 10% of all home buyers have the ability to envision the potential of your home, so when you leave it empty, the buyer often feels at a lost for how to use the space.  This is especially true for very small homes, very large homes, or homes with unusual spaces caused by an odd layout or shape.

5) Lastly, any small flaws in your home will be magnified and more easily noticed when the house is vacant.

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Wishing you much success,

Jewell S.