• Staging A Multi-Million Dollar Penthouse

    After more than 3 months on the market with no offers, I received the call from the broker.  Her prospects were not impressed with the $5.9 million penthouse she listed for sale in New York City’s trendy Soho neighborhood.  She needed it to be staged to attract a younger, male, target buyer.

    NYC Penthouse Livingroom Before Staging NYC Penthouse Livingroom After Staging

    To request a complimentary staging proposal to bring in the buyers, call our office in New York City (646) 863-7173 or in Southern Connecticut (203) 404-3236.

    Listing Broker:  The Corcoran Group, Rose Ann Nielsen, (212) 875-2974.



  • Why Home Staging Works

    Vacant LivingroomIt happens all the time. I get a call from a desperate seller whose house has been sitting on the market for way too long, with no offers in sight. They realize that they should have staged it, they get it done, and usually in no time at all, like magic, they start getting offers.

    Home Staging is the art of creating a model home feel that allows a buyer to envision themselves living in the home. From the first time a buyer approaches a house they are having an experience – good or bad. It’s up to the seller to create a positive experience to make a buyer fall in love and offer top dollar.

    Here are some statistics about why an investment in Home Staging gets results:

    1) In 2009 the average listed home previously on the market without staging, sold 78% faster after staging **

    2) The average home without staging can sit on the market for up to 9 months, adding up to significant carrying expenses, not including price reductions – for example, if your monthly carrying costs are $2K/month, you will spend $18K in total carrying costs **

    Had the owner of the house in the above example staged the house first, they would have saved an average of 7 months of carrying costs – a savings of $14K! Add any price reductions to that number and the savings can be astounding.

    3) 90% of buyers do not have vision, so don’t expect them to see past your purple walls

    ** 2009 Study by the Real Estate Staging Association

    Don’t leave money on the table – stage first, and sell faster, and for more money!

    Happy Home Selling,

    Jewell Staley

  • Welcome to my new real estate blog!

    Welcome to my newest real estate blog, where I will share helpful tips and stories about my latest projects in Home Staging, Renovations, Real Estate Investing, and more.

    It’s almost Spring in New York and many sellers are preparing for the rush of home buyers that have waited out the winter season.  Here are some quick tips to start getting your home ready to WOW buyers!

    1) Hire a handyman to take care of all the repairs you’ve been putting off

    2) Secure a storage locker for all your excess furniture and other items that you plan to take with you after you sell

    3) Clean all lamp shades, blinds, and other flat surfaces


    4) Make sure your house SMELLS good!  Open the windows for a couple of hours to air it out, and then plug-in one of my favorite scents for the Spring – Clean Linen or Tropical Breeze.

    Happy Home Selling!